R Muasher

Visual Artist 

(b. 1983 Amman, Jordan) Rana M. Muasher (BA Hons. Sociology/Law & Society, Paralegal Candidate) is a classically-trained Artist that is currently training at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto. She has been drawing and painting from early childhood, and participated in her first ever art exhibit at 9 years old, after taking private drawing lessons in Amman. 

In 2013, Rana decided to pursue her ultimate passion in becoming a professional artist. She briefly enrolled in OCAD to further develop her drawing and figurative skills. In that same year, Rana experimented with many different painting mediums and developed a large body of work consisting of contemporary abstract paintings. Since 2013, Rana has been selling her abstract collection via Etsy, and has found great success doing so, selling to collectors in Canada, the U.S. (over 28% covered), Paris, Ireland, the UK, and the Middle East. 

Since 2011, Rana has been recognized and published for her tribute oil paintings. She enjoys donating her artwork to charities and private auctions that support organizations in which she is passionate about.

Rana was searching for classical art training, and even considered studying in Italy. Until fate literally lead her to the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto. She walked in the studios on a cold Thursday morning in January of 2016, and became a student that same day. Today, Rana continues to study the old masters way of drawing and painting at the Academy, which is an atelier based on 19th century french academics.