R Muasher

Visual Artist 


All art works displayed on this website are original, and owned entirely by the artist, Rana M. Muasher.

Original works are protected under Canadian Copyright Law.  Unauthorized copying of Ms. Muasher's work is strictly prohibited.

Any individual(s) who:

  • Replicates
  • Reproduces
  • References
  • Circulates
  • Distributes
  • Manipulates

Or uses the images without the full and legal consent of Ms. Rana M. Muasher will be in breach of Copyright Law and may be prosecuted.

If you would like to share any works of art that is displayed on this website, you must abide completely by the following rules and conditions.


Images Sharing / Referencing


1. The Artist's full name is credited, "Rana M. Muasher," and a link to where the image was originally copied from. (www.ranamuasher.com)

2. The artwork is not manipulated in any way (i.e. copied, cropped)

3. The art work cannot be used for any commercial use without the full and legal permission, consent, and agreement of the artist, Rana M. Muasher.

4. Any client(s) who wish to use the images found on this website for personal or commercial use must obtain a Copyright Transfer Agreement from the artist (Rana M. Muasher)